All-In-One 'Functional' CRM & Business Toolkit Built with Google Sheets!

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The Most Affordable BUT Functional CRM... EVER!

The most affordable, ‘functional’ lifetime CRM for small and micro businesses. Only one payment for lifetime access, lifetime updates, all client, sales, task, inventory and email marketing features.

Plus collaborate with 100 users and manage 40,000 contacts and records (based on Google's Requirements).

No Subscriptions, No Fees, No Monthly Plan and No Limitations... Lifetime Updates and Value.

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  • Features

    ✅ Contact & Lead Manager.

    ✅ Client Tracker.

    ✅ Invoice Tracker.

    ✅ Customer Lifetime Value Tracker.

    ✅ Issue/Ticket Management.

    ✅ Inventory Management.

    ✅ Transaction Management.

  • Tools

    ✅ Built-in Email Marketing with Gmail.

    ✅ Sales Pipeline Tools.

    ✅ Sales Task App Integration.

    ✅ Client Task App Integration.

    ✅ Capture New Leads with Google Forms.

    ✅ Performance Dashboard.

Google Sheets Google Tasks

Google Tasks App Integration!

Sheetify CRM integrates directly with the Google Tasks app, meaning you can manage both your sales, client and recurring tasks in Sheetify and in the mobile or desktop app! How cool right?

Manage your tasks on the go!

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Google Sheets email marketing template

Email Marketing (Bulk Emails) & Templates!

Sheetify CRM connects with your Gmail account. This means you can send bulk 'personalized' email campaigns from inside your Google Sheets to your contacts.

Send bulk emails in a few clicks!

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Google Sheets CRM Template

Contact, Lead & Invoice Tracker

Mange your contacts, leads and customers from one simple interface (Google Sheet) and stay on top of invoices!

Optimize the way you manage your database!

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One Time Payment... Lifetime Value!

Shifting back to Spreadsheets that many small business owners know and love.

The Sheetify Google Sheets CRM template allows business owners to get the most out of Google Sheets and many of Google's integrated apps.

This results in a simple yet functional CRM that is customer, sales, email marketing, and task-oriented.

This Functional CRM is for all Google Users (works with both the free and paid Google Workspace accounts).

Why Choose Sheetify CRM?

  • 🟢 No Subscriptions or Fees

    Large CRM companies lock you into expensive monthly subscription plans. Sheetify has a one time payment and gives you access to all features with lifetime updates!

  • 🟢 Simple 3-Step Setup

    Setup in just a few clicks!

    1 - Copy the Google Sheets Template.

    2 - Click 'Set Authorization' and authorize.

    3 - Click on 'Settings' sheet and personalize your account.

  • 🟢 Lifetime Access

    You get access to lifetime Sheetify CRM updates! The great thing is, it's super easy to migrate your data from your existing Sheetify Google Sheets CRM to another version.

  • 🟢 Feature Packed

    The most affordable ‘functional’ CRM for small and micro businesses. Access all contact management, sales, task, and email marketing features.

  • 🟢 SUPER Easy to use

    Shifting back to Google Sheets that many small business owners know and love. Navigating through and using the Sheetify CRM is easy for ANYONE to use! Even if you have never used Google Sheets before!

  • 🟢 For All Google Users

    This Functional Google Sheets CRM Template is for all Google Users. This means all features work with both free and paid Google Workspace accounts. Add 100 users and 40,000 contacts (based on Google's Requirements).

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Sheetify CRM cost?

Only $67USD! This gives you lifetime updates to new versions with even more features.

Is it just a Google Sheets template?

It's more than just a Google Sheets template...

We have built an integrated CRM platform using Google Sheets that seamlessly integrates with your favorite Google Apps.

✅ Contact & Lead Manager

✅ Client Tracker

✅ Invoice Tracker

✅ Customer Lifetime Value Tracker

✅ Sales Pipeline Tools

✅ Built-in Email Marketing with Gmail

✅ Sales Task App Integration

✅ Client Task App Integration

✅ Capture New Leads with Google Forms

✅ Performance Dashboard

What type of business is Sheetify CRM suitable for?

Sheetify CRM is suitable for...

✅ Consultancies

✅ Tradesmen

✅ Small Agencies

✅ Sole Proprietor (Individuals)

✅ Home-based Businesses

✅ Marketers

✅ Service-based Businesses

✅ Real Estate Agents

✅ Contractors

✅ And many more!

What Google Apps does it work with?

Google App Integrations:

✅ Gmail Integration (email marketing)

✅ Google Forms (for capturing leads)

✅ Google Tasks (for sales & clients)

✅ Google Calendar (for tasks)

What do you mean by Email Marketing features?

Sheetify automatically connects to your Gmail account, allowing you to send bulk email campaigns to your contacts.

Create your own custom campaigns or use the pre-made templates!


Free Gmail’s daily hard limit for sending emails is 500 emails per day.

Paid Google Workspace allows sending 2000 emails per day. But for optimal deliverability, we recommended to stay within the 50-150 emails per email address, per day limit, and scale via multiple email accounts connected to your Sheetify CRM.

Learn more here.

What languages is Sheetify CRM available in?

Sheetify CRM is built with Google Sheets meaning that you have access to all the languages that Google Sheets offer!

Read more about all the languages below.

Learn more here.