Google Sheets Dashboard Template

Google Sheets Analytics Dashboard Template (Sheetify CRM Performance)

Google Sheets Analytics Dashboard

Did you know you can use Google Sheets to create an analytics or performance dashboard of your Google Sheets data.

That is exactly what we have done inside our Google Sheets CRM template (Sheetify CRM).

This is what our Google Sheet dashboard looks like down below.
Google Analytics Dashboard Template


What's included in our Google Sheets Dashboard?

This dashboard is included in our Sheetify CRM and helps you measure sales, team and task performance as well as important inventory snapshots.

Here is a list of all the dashboard components:

  • Sales completed by team.
  • Items by status.
  • Team performance search.
  • Sales search.
  • Top selling products/services.
  • Monthly sales revenue.
  • Daily emails sent.
  • Last 30 days pipeline stats.

Pretty cool huh!?

We created a quick video overview of our Google Sheets Dashboard that you can watch here.


Google Sheets Performance Dashboard
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