Google Sheets CRM Template Updates

Google Sheets CRM Template Updates (New Features) May 2024

Sheetify CRM 4.0 May Updates

We've made some cool (practical) updates to our Sheetify CRM 4.0 Template!

Email marketing Integration

As you know Sheetify CRM allows you to engage in email marketing activities by integrating directly with your Gmail app.

This is done by using the MailApp code in our app script. However, a few of our paid Google Workspace customers were having issues with their emails not delivering.

Therefore, we updated the app scripts from MailApp to GmailApp. This resolved the problem some customers were facing!

Now you will never have issues with your email campaigns not arriving in your customers primary inbox. Yay!

Custom Email Links

As I mentioned in last weeks post. You can now add links to your email templates.

Watch this video here if you want to learn how to do this using three different methods.

Preview Email Issue Resolved

One tiny issue that one of our customers pointed out was that the preview email when sent arrived in your inbox without any spacing (space formatting).

Therefore, we have fixed this issue now in the latest update!

However, that is it from me today!

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