Best Google Sheets CRM Sheetify CRM 4.0

Sheetify CRM 4.0 is Here! Our Best Google Sheets CRM Template is Live

The ultimate Google Sheets CRM template (Sheetify CRM 4.0) is here!

This is our best Google Sheets CRM yet! Designed for Google Users and is ideal for small and micro businesses.

This includes Ecommerce and service based businesses.

👉 Get started with our Sheetify CRM 4.0 here.

Watch our quick Sheetify 4.0 feature overview below.

What new features does the Sheetify CRM 4.0 offer?

- Inventory Management (Manage products and services that you offer).

- Customer Snapshot (Monitor your most valuable customers).

- Issues/Tickets (Manage your customer complaints and problems).

- Add new record (No more scrolling down your sheet to the last entry).

- Scroll down (Quickly navigate to the last entry).

- Transactions (Manage all transactions in one sheet).

- Purchases (Manage all your purchases).

- Dashboard: Sales completed by team.

- Dashboard: Items by status.

- Dashboard: Team performance search.

- Dashboard: Sales search.

- Dashboard: Top-selling products/services.

- Dashboard: Monthly sales revenue.

Also, we updated the overall interface and colors, so it's a lot more attractive!

Watch our full Sheetify CRM 4.0 tutorial here to learn how you can actually setup and use this Google Sheets CRM and business toolkit.


Are you new to Sheetify CRM?

Check out some of the existing features:

- Contact & Lead Manager.

- Client Tracker.

- Invoice Tracker.

- Customer Lifetime Value Tracker.

- Sales Pipeline management.

- Built-in Email Marketing with Gmail.

- Sales Task App Integration.

- Client Task App Integration.

- Capture New Leads with Google Forms.

Sheetify CRM 4.0 Features

If you are currently using Sheetify 3.0 you can migrate your data over to Sheetify 4.0. 

We are in the processes of creating a tutorial that will show you exactly how you can do this.

How to access Sheetify CRM 4.0?

Simply head over to the email you received when you became a customer, or find the PDF that you received and click on the link to access the most recent updated Sheetify CRM version.

If you want access to Sheetify 4.0 and you are not yet a customer, you will need to head over HERE and make the one time payment in order to access this product and all future updates.

Stay tuned and enjoy Sheetify 4.0!

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