Sheetify CRM 4.0 Google Sheets CRM Template Update

Sheetify CRM 4.0 is HERE... SOON! Our HUGE Google Sheets CRM Update

Our Sheetify CRM 4.0 is nearly here!

It's been a while and there has been huge anticipation for this update (Thank you for your patience).

It will be worth the wait I promise!

Here are some of the cool things that you will be able to do with the Google CRM update...

Google Sheets CRM feature updates

New Google Sheets CRM features that we are adding to Sheetify CRM 4.0:

  • Inventory Management (Manage products and services that you offer).
  • Customer Snapshot (Monitor your most valuable customers).
  • Issues/Tickets (Manage your customer complaints and problems).
  • Add new record (No more scrolling down your sheet to the last entry).
  • Scroll down (Quickly navigate to the last entry).
  • Transactions (Manage all transaction in one sheet).
  • Purchases (Manage all your purchases).
  • Dashboard: Sales completed by team.
  • Dashboard: Items by status.
  • Dashboard: Team performance search.
  • Dashboard: Sales search.
  • Dashboard: Top selling products/services.
  • Dashboard: Monthly sales revenue.

Check out what the new dashboard looks like...

Google Sheets CRM dashboard

The great thing is we have taken in all the feedback that you have provided so far and added this to our Sheetify 4.0 update.

So, thank you for being part of the development of our Sheetify CRM.

Now, your probably wondering when the update is coming?

Sheetify 4.0 is ready! We are just testing and ensuring everything is working correctly.

The plan is to launch Sheetify 4.0 on 13/03/2024 (next week!), however, we might be able to roll it out earlier!

Keep an eye on your inbox! (make sure to subscribe to our email list if you haven't already).

- Stewart (Founder & Director).

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