What CRM Is Compatible With Gmail?

What CRM Is Compatible With Gmail?

What CRM is compatible with Gmail?

While there is no Google CRM, the good news is that many no-code CRMs offer seamless integration with Gmail.

Some of the most compatible CRMs for Gmail are Sheetify CRM, Streak CRM, and HubSpot CRM.

By using these two tools together, you’ll bridge the gap between customer relationship management (CRM) systems and email marketing tools.

What are the best CRMs compatible with Gmail?

What are the best CRMs compatible with Gmail?
1.   Sheetify CRM

Sheetify CRM is a downloadable, fully functional Google Sheets CRM template built entirely with Google Sheets.

Designed with Google users in mind, Sheetify comes with an already built-in Apps Script so you can send bulk emails directly from Sheetify to your contacts through Gmail.

Additionally, you can manage your contacts, sales, inventory, transactions, tasks, customer tickets, deals, and more through one single Google Sheet.

Sheetify also connects with Google Forms to capture website leads and Google Tasks to manage sales and client tasks.

Available for both free and paid Google Workspace users, Sheetify is available to download for just $67.

This price includes all current Sheetify CRM features as well as all ongoing features and updates.

Sheetify CRM is the ultimate lifetime CRM and business toolkit for small and micro businesses looking to manage their emails and CRM activities within Google Sheets.

2.   Streak CRM

Streak CRM is essentially a Google Chrome extension exclusive to Gmail users.

With Streak CRM, you can manage your contacts, emails, and files directly inside the Gmail interface.

This means you never have to leave the app to streamline workflows and oversee your projects, leads, prospects, tickets, and more.

In addition to Gmail, the platform deeply integrates with other Google Workspace applications such as Google Calendar, Drive, and Sheets.

There’s a basic free plan that includes 1 user and basic CRM features.

Paid pricing plans range from $49-129 per user per month and offer advanced CRM capabilities, shared sales pipelines, mail merging, and more.

Streak CRM is easy to use, secure, responsive, fast, and perfect for existing Gmail users who want a truly compatible Gmail CRM.

3.   HubSpot

HubSpot CRM is a leading standalone CRM solution with its own internal email marketing tools that enable you to send and receive emails directly from your HubSpot account.

However, HubSpot also works really well with Gmail.

The HubSpot Gmail integration allows you to log the emails you send from Gmail directly within HubSpot with just one click.

You can track email opens and clicks in real-time, view details about CRM contacts, and access sales templates and meetings from HubSpot all inside your Gmail inbox.

Emails sent from Gmail can be quickly and easily logged within HubSpot CRM. You can then find these emails within your Gmail sent folder.

HubSpot CRM is known for its incredible free plan, which is sufficient for small businesses and includes the HubSpot Gmail integration (with limited features).

Paid CRM plans range in price depending on which Hub you opt for. You can check out HubSpot’s range of pricing plans here.

Sheetify CRM Gmail Features

Sheetify CRM Gmail Features

Connecting Google Sheets and Gmail is usually a tedious process that involves writing and running an Apps Script.

But with Sheetify CRM, we’ve done all the hard work for you.

We’ve written the Apps Script that connects Google Sheets and Gmail together and curated a range of personalized email templates (so you don’t have to).

These templates include follow-ups, proposals, payment reminders, invoices, event invites, upsells, thank yous, discounts, and more.

All you need to do is:

  • Select which contacts you want to email from the ‘Contacts & Leads’ tab.
  • Click ‘Sheetify’ > ‘Email marketing’ from the top menu.
  • Select the template that best represents the email message and hit send.

You’ll then find these emails within the ‘Sent’ folder of your Gmail account.

You can also create new templates, edit email labels, and tailor your emails with personalized links and placeholder data.

Basically, Sheetify CRM streamlines the process of sending bulk personalized email marketing campaigns to your Gmail contacts through Google Sheets.

Sheetify CRM Google Sheets Features

Sheetify CRM Google Sheets Features

In addition to the hassle-free email marketing integration with Gmail, Sheetify CRM offers diverse features.

This Google Sheets CRM can organize your contacts, manage sales pipelines, add client and sales tasks, manage deals, and more. 

Plus, you can oversee other operational aspects of your business with Sheetify CRM.

Other features include:

  • Monitoring products or services.
  • Tracking your most valuable lifetime customers.
  • Creating tickets for customer issues.
  • Curating invoices.
  • Managing purchases, transactions, and Inventory.

With Sheetify, navigating through your spreadsheet is a breeze.

Thanks to the quick 'scroll down' feature, you can view the last entry or add a new one without endless manual scrolling.

Sheetify CRM also seamlessly integrates with both Google Forms and the Google Task App.

The built-in sales dashboard provides valuable metrics like team sales performance, sales status, team performance search, sales search, top-selling products, and more.

Sheetify CRM is pretty customizable, but if you’re after custom add-ons, advanced automation, or changes specific to you and your business, get in touch with our team.

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