Sales Dashboard Google Sheets Template For Small Businesses

Sales Dashboard Google Sheets Template For Small Businesses

Is There a Sales Dashboard In Google Sheets?

Despite what you may think, it is entirely possible to use Google Sheets as a sales dashboard tool for your small business.

Google Sheets’ versatile and functional structure makes it the perfect foundation for an insightful, customizable sales dashboard.

With help from a Google Sheets sales dashboard template, you can oversee your sales data and key metrics to keep you on track with your sales.

What Is a Sales Dashboard in Google Sheets?

What Is a Sales Dashboard in Google Sheets?

A sales dashboard in Google Sheets is essentially an easy-to-read visual representation of your sales-related data.

The dashboard pulls sales-related data from within your Google Sheets and generates visual charts, graphs, tables, and customizable widgets to display sales information like:

  • Revenue.
  • Products sold.
  • Number of leads.
  • Conversion rates.
  • Sales pipeline status, and more.

Ultimately, a sales dashboard allows you to comprehensively oversee your key performance indicators, metrics, and trends and identify areas for improvement or opportunities.

A sales dashboard is essential for all business owners who are serious about driving conversions and scaling their brands.

Why Use Google Sheets Sales Dashboard?

What many don’t know is that Google Sheets is so much more than basic formulas and functions.

When you know what you’re doing, Google Sheets is a treasure trove of tools, tables, and charts that can transform your sales data into custom reports and dashboards.

From Gantt charts tailored for product management to tracking sales pipelines and lead-to-opportunity conversion rates, Google Sheets can do it all.

With functions for importing data from within your Google Sheets (and other spreadsheets), Google Sheets provides a wealth of options for data handling and driving sales.

Plus, Google Sheets's cloud-based nature means that your sales dashboard can be accessed from anywhere, anytime, increasing productivity and collaboration.

While it may not boast the most advanced features, Google Sheets offers the tools and functions to construct a comprehensive sales performance dashboard.

How To Make a Sales Dashboard With Google Sheets?

How To Make a Sales Dashboard With Google Sheets?

There are three ways you can use a Google Sheets sales dashboard template:

  1. Manually create your own template.
  2. Download a free or paid sales dashboard Google Sheets template.
  3. Use Sheetify, a fully functional Google Sheet CRM toolkit.

How To Create Your Own Sales Dashboard in Google Sheets?

Although simple (and somewhat time-consuming), manually building your own Google Sheets sales dashboard template is possible.

This involves taking your existing spreadsheet data and converting it into visual charts yourself.

To do this:

  • Select the data you want to measure.
  • Insert a chart and customize it to fit your preferences.
  • Copy the chart to a new sheet and repeat to add multiple charts as needed.
  • Finally, format the charts and share the dashboard with your team.

Read a more detailed version of how to create your own sales dashboard in Google Sheets here.

This visually appealing and user-friendly dashboard means you and your team can easily view, visualize, and compare various sales metrics and data!

Sales Dashboard Google Sheets Templates

An easier and more in-depth way to gather, analyze, and measure your sales, inventory, and team performance is through a pre-populated sales dashboard Google Sheets template.

Typically, these templates contain a tab (sheet) of pre-populated columns and rows with placeholder text. Simply remove the placeholder text and replace it with your data.

This sheet links with another pre-made template sales dashboard, so you don’t have to mess around with formulas, charts, and other widgets.

And guess what? There are loads of free and paid pre-made Google Sheets dashboard templates you can download and use for yourself!

  • Smartsheet offers a variety of Google Sheet dashboard templates.
  • HubSpot also provides free dashboard and reporting templates you can download and use.

Alternatively, if you’re after complex reports and analytics, I suggest contacting BetterSheets to create a custom Google Sheets dashboard template for you.

Sheetify CRM Sales Dashboard Google Sheets Template

Sheetify CRM is an all-in-one sales tool I developed specifically for small businesses looking for a simple and robust business template for managing customer relationships!

This functional Google Sheets CRM template is tailored for teams that already use Google Sheets daily. It is designed to maximize Google Sheets' potential.

Both free and paid Google Workspace account users can easily download Sheetify CRM for a one-off lifetime payment of $67.

How does it work?

The Sheetify CRM sales dashboard template pulls data from your Sheetify Contacts, Sales Pipeline, Calendar, and Tasks tabs (sheets).

Then, it automatically generates visually appealing charts and tables on one easy-to-read Google Sheet for you to interpret!

Learn more about Sheetify CRM here.

The dashboard is made up of the following components:

  • Sales completed.
  • Items (by status).
  • Sales search.
  • Top-selling products or services.
  • Monthly sales revenue.
  • Last 30 days pipeline stats.

You can filter these components to show specific date ranges, zone in on teams, identify best-selling items of all time, and total orders and revenue. 

Sheetify CRM Google Sheets Dashboard

Plus, Sheetify CRM’s dashboard is not just for sales!

This awesome Google Sheets dashboard tool can measure team performance and tasks, forecast trends, identify areas for improvement, and more.

Is There a Sales CRM For Google?

Is There a Sales CRM For Google

Unfortunately, Google Sheets does not have a built-in sales CRM feature. But can Google Sheets be used as a CRM? Absolutely!

By installing and using my fully functional yet simplistic Google Sheets CRM template, Sheetify, you can manage your entire business operations with Google Sheets.

You no longer need to invest in pricey, third-party tools like HubSpot (CRM), Asana (task management), MailChimp (email marketing), and Sortly (inventory management).

And the best part is it's fully integrated with Google Sheets.

With Sheetify, you can seamlessly manage your:

  • Contacts, leads, and deals.
  • Sales and client tasks.
  • Invoices and purchases.
  • Inventory and transactions.
  • Emails with Gmail.
  • Customer issues, and more.

Sheetify CRM completely streamlines and transforms the way you operate your business.

Thanks so much for reading! I hope you’ve enjoyed this sales dashboard Google Sheets article.

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