Can you use Google Contacts as a CRM?

Can you use Google Contacts as a CRM?

If you’re looking for a quick response to this question… the answer is no: you can’t use Google Contacts as a CRM.

For individuals with simple needs, Google Contacts may initially be a practical and cost-effective solution for managing customer relationships on a smaller scale.

You can store and organize contact information, add notes and tags for categorization, and track interactions with your contacts within Google Contacts.

And when integrated with other Google Workspace tools like Gmail and Google Calendar, Google Contacts will start to resemble a somewhat basic CRM solution.

However, while Google Contacts can be used to manage customer relationships as a starting point, this approach is not viable in the long run.

Particularly for businesses experiencing growth!

More comprehensive CRM (customer relationship management) features like sales pipeline management, task tracking, and reporting are essential as operations expand.

Does Google have a CRM?

Does Google have a CRM?

Unfortunately, Google doesn’t have a CRM. But can Google be used as CRM? Yes!

There are many dedicated CRM solutions that can help you increase customer relationships, boost sales, and enhance business growth.

And the good news is that many of these CRMs can directly integrate with your Google Workspace account.

How to use Google as a CRM?

To use Google as a CRM, you’ll need to integrate a third-party CRM tool or download a Google CRM template.

While third-party CRM apps offer plenty of functionality, they can be expensive or complicated to install.

Check out my list of CRMs that work well with Google here.

Instead, I suggest using Sheetify CRM, a downloadable Google Sheet CRM template that serves as a fully customizable and functional CRM.

Google Sheets CRM template (Sheetify CRM)

Google Sheets CRM template Sheetify CRM

Discover Sheetify CRM, the ultimate all-in-one business toolkit crafted using just one Google Sheet spreadsheet.

Sheetify CRM surpasses other options in terms of functionality and versatility.

Perfect for managing contacts, sales, tasks, leads, customer tickets, inventory, and emails, Sheetify CRM revolutionizes CRM operations within Google Sheets.

Sheetify is compatible with both free and paid Google Workspace accounts and is convenient and easy to use.

For a one-time investment of just $67, you’ll unlock lifetime access to current and future features and updates, ensuring the ultimate lifetime CRM solution.

In comparison to pricier alternatives like HubSpot or (with monthly payment structures), Sheetify CRM is a budget-friendly option that doesn’t compromise quality.

At Sheetify CRM, we've done the heavy lifting for you.

All you need to do is download the Sheetify CRM template on Google Sheets and tailor it to your specific needs.

Watch our insightful video tutorial here to find out more about Sheetify CRM.

How to connect Google Contacts and Google Sheets (Sheetify CRM)

How to connect Google Contacts and Google Sheets

Although you can’t directly use Google Contacts as a CRM, you can upload your Google Contacts to your Google Sheets Sheetify CRM template.

Basically, Sheetify allows you to bulk upload and automate the process of importing your Google Contacts into Sheetify CRM.

This replaces the manual work involved with copying and pasting each Google Contact into your CRM tool, saving you time and energy.

There are two methods you can use to connect Google Contacts and Google Sheets.

  1. Through the ‘Import Contact’ Google Workspace Add-on.
  2. Setting up an automation through Zapier.

The first method is best for teams who want to bulk import their Google Contacts into Sheetify CRM.

The Zapier automation method automatically imports your Google Contacts into Sheetify whenever you add a new contact.

You can watch my step-by-step process for both methods here.

Benefits of a Google CRM

If you already use Google Contacts and other Google Apps, there are many advantages of using a Google CRM template like Sheetify CRM:

  • Streamlined organization: Everything is stored and managed in one place, ensuring you and your team always have accurate and up-to-date records.
  • Enhance customer loyalty and relationships: With the ability to send bulk personalized emails, you’ll deepen connections with customers.
  • Actionable analytics: The sales analytics dashboard allows you to derive meaningful, data-driven insights that can improve your business and brand.
  • Increased productivity: Thanks to the Google Tasks integration, you can streamline and automate operations and elevate team productivity.
  • Tailored customization: Completely customize your CRM to meet your specific business requirements.
  • Enhanced security: As a Google product, you can ensure your Google CRM will safeguard your sensitive customer data and fight against cyberattacks.

If you're on the hunt for an accessible, easy-to-use, and effective Google CRM solution to use with Google Contacts, I highly suggest Sheetify CRM.

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